We’re On YouTube! New Video: DIY Chalkboard Sandwich Board

We have been busy with lots of projects, and want to share them with you! So, we started a YouTube channel and just posted our first video on how to build a DIY chalkboard sandwich board, which we used for our Valentine’s Day Photoshoot.

We’d like to get this channel really going, as it is great for search engines and exposure alike. But we can’t do this alone—we need your help! Apparently, in order to get a custom URL for YouTube we need 100 subscribers (and 30 days, so y’all have some time). So please, follow our channel and we will be sure to upload some more videos soon!

For this video, we built a 3.5 foot tall sandwich board that had a self-framing stained border and chalkboard paint covering big sections of both sides. Add a couple of hinges for $4, and we built this sign in the space of an an afternoon.

Here are the cliff notes of what we did:

  1. Bought two boards at Home Depot for about $11 each (prices may vary). They cut them down in-store for free, so to make them easier to transport, we cut 6 inches off the top and 3 off the sides.
  2. Stained the boards with some leftover deck stain. Definitely recommend wiping off the stain with an old rag. We had this stain and a rag, so this could be some more cost if you needed to buy it. We did two coats about 2 hours apart and let them dry for about 2 hours while we ran errands. Note: We used a water-based stain, an oil-based stain may have different results with the chalkboard paint.
  3. Taped off the edges with Frog Tape, which ran us about $7, and will serve for LOTS of projects.
  4. Painted the middles with Krylon Chalkboard Paint which we already had from other projects. We paid about $9 on sale for this paint, but you could find spray paint versions which may not have as many paint brush marks for about $4 at Home Depot.
  5. We did put a second coat on about 30 minutes after the first.
  6. An hour later we peeled off the Frog Tape.
  7. We added a pair of Everbuilt 2 ½ x 1-9/16 inch hinges from Home Depot that costed us about $3.

Then write on it as you will! Note, some of those chalkboard markers that write so nicely will not behave well with this type of a chalkboard as those require the board to be completely non-porous, and this setup is a little rough. They didn’t work well for us, so definitely try it out carefully.

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