Valentine’s Day Photoshoot: Piedmont Park, Atlanta—Feb 4&5

EDITOR’S NOTE: The dates have changed! Rain is expected all day Sunday, plus it’s the Super Bowl, so we are rescheduling the Sunday February 5th date for February 11th from 10 to 5. Good news is, not only does this fit folks schedules better, but it also allows more time to win a referral bonus!

Love is in the air, and we would love to capture you and your loved ones in our first ever photography event in Atlanta! We’ve been building some adorable sets to act as whimsical backdrops, for our event on February 4 & 5 in the Historic Old Forth Ward Park.

We’ve been really crafty dreaming up lots of unique props, all painted up on the drop cloth above—including a kissing booth, cupid’s bow and arrows, an umbrella raining love, and the quintessential letters of love, as well as a few other surprises! We will be setting up near the 10th street entrance in Piedmont Park the first weekend in February for this public Valentine’s Day shoot. The heart on the map below shows you where we will be. Come support us by reserving your spot anywhere on Saturday, February 4th, from 10 am to 4 pm or a 11 am to 3 pm on Sunday, February 5th (we need to support the Falcons in the Super Bowl too!). We will be taking walkups, but to ensure you don’t have to wait, email us at to secure your slot.

Valentine’s Day Photo Packages

By setting the stage to do a public event, we are able to offer you some amazing packages at a huge discount. To give you an idea, private photoshoots (which are also possible!) typically run about $350 and last 1.5 hours, resulting in about 30 images. By scheduling this all together, we are able to knock those prices right down!

Full Shoot—Our most comprehensive shoot, we will take photos of at least three different scenes with different props and guarantee 10-15 quality edited photos, and if there are more, we will send them on too! Expected time is about 20-30 minutes, and the cost is $100.

Mini-Shoot—This shoot takes advantage of our adorable kissing booth and one other scene to guarantee 5-10 quality edited photos. Expected time is 15-20 minutes and the cost is $75.

Kissing Booth Shoot—The prize scene of our collection, we can arrange our kissing booth height easily to accommodate kids or adults. For 10 to 15 minutes worth of smooches, you are guaranteed to love the 5-10 quality edited photos we will send to you!

NOTE: Shoots are limited to two adults, or nuclear families. Extra people can be added, but will also add extra time and a few extra dollars. Please specify in your request who will be participating in the shot and we will quote you a price.

Scenes For Your Valentine Photos

For the past two weeks we have been crafting away to create totally custom and unique scenes for this special Valentine’s Day Photo event! We can’t wait to share them with you, so here is a taste of some of the scenes!

Kissing Booth

The ‘heart’ of the shoot, we built a ridiculously cute red and white kissing booth. It is also very versatile, with a chalkboard sign across the top that simply says ‘Kisses’ or one you can customize for your own message! We also have flowers and candies and, of course, lipstick to spice up the shots. We are so proud of this one, every package will feature a kissing booth shot!

LOVE Letters

We have a couple different types of letters that spell out L-O-V-E. We have some custom red painted moveable letters, which are adorable all together, but also make a good shot if you remove the V and use your little one’s feet! We also have tin letters on twine featured here that make a good backdrop or focal point.

Candy Hearts

The classic candy we loved as children is still popular today! So we just had to create a shot around them. We have lots of ideas, but the stand-out is this kind of shot where the candy message is the focus and your child or lovers kissing is blurred in the background.

Cupid’s Bow And Arrow

We couldn’t resist a little mischief in this shoot, so we stole Cupid’s bow and arrows! We have a pink set and a red set (who knew he carried both?), so we can cater to both girls and boys easily. The bows and arrows can be used like this in single person shots or can be even more fun when we aim them at other people!

Raining Love Umbrella


No one minds when it is raining love! This adorable white paper umbrella has two dozen red and white hearts raining down from the edges, making some captivating photos from every angle. Cute for youngsters, ladies and couples, this umbrella is sure to create some unique mementos!

Heart Shaped Balloons

Sometimes the simplest props are the best. A single red heart shaped balloon makes an excellent accessory for kid shots, or rising behind a kissing couple. A set of three balloons together or one for each family member unites everyone in the photo with a symbol of love.

Your Valentine’s Day Photo Package

After our photoshoot on February 4 & 5, we will only rest for the night to cheer on the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, and then get right to editing your photos. All photos will be emailed to you by February 7th, leaving you a full week to print or share with your friends. All photos will be sent to you full sized, so you have all kinds of options for how to share these photos.

To reserve your spot, email today!

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