Product Shoot: Pomona Organic Juices

Last week we wrapped up a product shoot for a new organic, all natural (no extra sugar or water!) juice company called Pomona that features a diverse product line of premium fruit and vegetable juices. Shot on location here in Atlanta, we pulled off a pretty great shoot. Check out the highlights:

During the course of the day, we did a combination of HiKey photos (which are those photos on the stark white background with no shadows) as well as natural light photos in the kitchen of a gorgeous house in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. Since they wanted to shoot at this location, we had to turn the house into a make-shift photo studio in under an hour.

For the HiKey photos we set up a massive 9 foot backdrop that was raised to about 7 feet, and covered the entire floor of the sunroom. We used several bounce cards and a big fill card to help mute some of the light coming in from the outside and reduce glare on the bottles. Here’s a photo from that day with Kasey at work shooting a hand shot of one of our models.

At work today shooting a new organic juice! #productphotography #organic #atlanta #juice

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For the kitchen photos, we asked the Pomona folks to bring fresh fruit and vegetables used in their drinks, along with some pretty flowers. They made excellent, simple and authentic props to provide some more lifestyle type photos that will be useful product photos for not only the website, but blogs and advertising.

What was also special was meeting the models. One of the founders brought two of his children, who we learned were part of the inspiration to found this company in the first place. Originally from the country of Georgia, his family loved natural juices. However, it was impossible to find some without being heavily diluted by water or sweetened with sugar or artificial ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup. So, when an opportunity presented itself to create this company, he joined forces with two friends and created Pomona. The results are mighty tasty! Plus, all of their juices are pure 100% organic juice, providing you and your family with an excellent natural source of anti-oxidants, nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Right now they are selling the juices through their website, but you will be able to find them in bigger stores very soon.

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