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The most valuable asset in any business is its customers. For us, our customers are not only the focal point for our cameras, they are also the focal point for how our business grows. A whopping 50% of our customers this year have been referrals from existing customers and friends!

Some of those have been referrals from referrals. All have them have been new customers—as in people we had never had the pleasure of meeting before.

We are grateful beyond words. For a photographer, the highest form of a compliment is to refer our work.

We thought about how to show that gratitude, and decided your pocketbook is the best place to start. So, starting now (September 2017), we are creating a KKP referral program to reward our customers and friends for their help in helping us grow.

How The KKP Photography Referral Program Works

It’s pretty simple: make sure we know a new client was referred by you.

When they complete a shoot, you will get an email to thank you, and notify you that referral credit has been applied to your account.

Not all referrals are equal, however. Some are much bigger than others, and their referral award should adjust accordingly! For every $250 spent, we will credit you with $25. 

This is more of a bracket system than a straight accounting system, meaning if someone spends anywhere between $251 and $500, you will get a $50 credit. For example:

  • Our mini-sessions run at about $200, this would mean a $25 referral credit.
  • General sessions run between $350 and $400, and in either case would result in a $50 referral credit.
  • Event photography starts at $500, and the referral credit would start at $50 but anything extra could bump it to $75.
  • Weddings start at $2000, and referrals start at $200.

Cashing In Credit For Photography

Have you ever been sent coupons in the mail, only to lose them or not have them handy when you next go to the store?

We hate that too. So we designed our process to be simple.

We will let you know your referral was completed, and the credit has been added to your account. Next time you book, it will already be there and we can use it to apply to payment for your next session. You just need to make sure your friends credit you with the referral. We will try and help you there by asking ourselves, but nudge them to make it known when they book just to be sure!

Tips For Referring Kasey Keown Photography

Your word to your friends should be good enough, especially if they’ve seen your pictures. But seeing is believing, especially in photography. So here are a few places you can refer to them on social media to see more:

  • KKP on Facebook: We put news, and samples of our work up there. We also announce our mini-sessions (stay tuned for SUNFLOWERS!!) on this channel. So be sure to like us on Facebook. Sharing is easy too, which may get you some fast easy credit!
  • KKP on Instagram: We post a picture a day over on IG. Occasionally we will have a live story of what we are doing that day, but mostly IG is a online ever-growing gallery of our work.
  • KKP on Pinterest: We use Pinterest a lot! We have inspiration boards that blend some of our favorite photos and photos we find from photographers around the world to help inspire our next shoots. We have collections of blogs to remember, and specific mood boards for specialized shoots, like the recent Eclipse. Fun fact: you can join our mood boards too! Just ask, and we can add you to them.
  • KKP on Twitter: We are a little new to Twitter, but we are posting pictures (not the same as IG) every day and talking about photography tips. 
  • KKP on the Web: Of course our website is the best portfolio of our work. We do update it every couple months too. But here you can find our galleries of photos including newborn photography,  family photography, engagement photography and even boudoir photography, among others. Of course our blog is a great asset too, with handy resources like 7 tips for newborn photos, and 35+ locations for photoshoots around Atlanta.

Thanks again to everyone! We hope to see you soon!

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