6 Photographers, 6 Different Results—Knowing Your Photographer Matters

A powerful video from Canon Australia, underscoring how important your relationship and communication with your photographer can influence your photo results.

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Chalkboard Photography 101: Making Them, Faking Them & Free Fonts

Chalkboards are increasingly trendy in photography. In this post, we provide lots of chalkboard inspirations, how to build one, how to fake a chalkboard in a photo and 20+ free chalkboard fonts.

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35 Locations Around Atlanta For Family Photoshoots & Senior Portraits

Selecting the right location is always the toughest part of the process for photoshoots. This post highlights more than 35 locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area to offer inspiration for your senior portraits, engagement photos and family photo sessions alike.

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The Power Of Professional Photo Editing: Before & After

Stunning before and after photos of Ocean Vibes Glow Worm Sunset & Stargazing Tour in Turks & Caicos highlight the value that professional photo editing provides to create truly memorable photos.

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Photographer Advice: 7 Things You Should Do Before A Newborn Shoot

With newborn photo sessions needing to happen in the first ten days of life, there is little room for do-overs. To ensure better results, we’ve put together a little checklist of tips and tricks the […]

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