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14 Surprising Facts About Poinsettias That Might Blow Your Mind

We recently did a photoshoot at a poinsettia farm, and have since learned some surprising facts about poinsettias. Check them out to entertain your relatives this holiday season, and see what the shoot looked like!

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60+ Ideas To Inspire Your Perfect Holiday Card Photoshoot

Looking for some inspiration for your Christmas card this year? We have you covered with 60+ ideas and the opportunity to use a poinsettia farm in Dallas, Georgia as a location!

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6 Photographers, 6 Different Results—Knowing Your Photographer Matters

A powerful video from Canon Australia, underscoring how important your relationship and communication with your photographer can influence your photo results.

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Chalkboard Photography 101: Making Them, Faking Them & Free Fonts

Chalkboards are increasingly trendy in photography. In this post, we provide lots of chalkboard inspirations, how to build one, how to fake a chalkboard in a photo and 20+ free chalkboard fonts.

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The Power Of Professional Photo Editing: Before & After

Stunning before and after photos of Ocean Vibes Glow Worm Sunset & Stargazing Tour in Turks & Caicos highlight the value that professional photo editing provides to create truly memorable photos.

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