6 Photographers, 6 Different Results—Knowing Your Photographer Matters

Our photography business is a family business in every way that matters. Kasey and I have been “Stokes-fam” for years, living inside the Stokeswood band bubble together. I’ve believed in her and supported her business for years, and in part, that bond inspired me to team up with her at the beginning of this year formally.

When Kasey first started freelancing and launched Kasey Keown Photography as a brand, her first clients were family too. Atlanta area friends of her parents, friends of her husband’s parents, and friends of her own literally gave Kasey Keown Photography its proverbial first shot. To this date, our shoots are largely referrals rooting from those first friends of the family and all their friends they referred to us since.

Over the course of this year, I’ve met several of these founding families in their regular sessions. One family, the Hands, shared with me that they will never let Kasey go because she captures their family so perfectly. Here’s one of my favorites from last year, that I conveniently happened to put on Instagram this morning.

When we did their last session (coincidentally I’m now realizing we featured that yesterday on IG, and no—I did not plan either of these posts knowing I was writing this blog), Kasey knew exactly what they loved about photography and built on it. She knew them, including each of their personalities, the direction they wanted their photos to go, and even the style of photo editing. It’s why the Hands are so excited to work with Kasey every 6 months. Their history and relationship makes the difference, both in speeding up the session, and creating the results we all treasure.

Your Relationship With Your Photographer Influences Your Photos

We try to get to know each of our clients, and get a sense of their personality and preferences. Of course, they have sized up our work online and already know it is something in line with their tastes. (SIDENOTE: We just updated all our newborn photography pictures yesterday!)

I saw a video from Canon Australia (our camera of choice) this morning that showed even more sharply how what you communicate with your photographer can dramatically influence your photo results. I originally saw this featured in a post named Six Photographers Took The Same Man’s Picture, What They Captured Will Make You Think.

It really will make you think. Check it out:

In short, I think this video illustrates the importance of family. By embracing someone as family, you allow them to be their true selves, and you get to see them as they really are. For us, it also means we can better show the world who you are too!

To all the KKP family out there, THANK YOU for believing in us, and we love you!

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